Electronic Health Information

  • You may feel that your doctor(s) know everything about your health, but did you know that they may be missing information about all the medicines you are taking? Your pharmacist is a trusted source to your doctor about prescription medicine and over the counter medicines that are right for you. But information sharing between your doctor and your pharmacist is sometimes challenging. You may wish that more information was shared between your doctor and your pharmacist for seamless coordination of your medical care. Allowing information exchange between your doctor and your pharmacist can help you manage your condition better.
  • Let us help you with your medications and the monitoring of your conditions as simply and securely as possible. The Chesapeake Regional Information System, known as CRISP, is a health information exchange (HIE) program that only a few pharmacies in the region have access to, including Finksburg Pharmacy. This means that your pharmacist, with your permission, can have secure access to information shared between many other health care professionals including your doctor, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, diagnostic centers and other facilities that may have your electronic records. This means that for you as the patient:

Patient-Centered Care. All of your health care needs are centralized in one place where the pharmacist can be better educated on what is occurring with your health in order to best serve your medication and health care needs.

Less Wait. It will take less time as doctors will not have to be faxed for forms, less phone calls will have to be made, and you might even be required to carry less paper work around with you and not have to answer the same question again and again.

  • By consenting to the CRISP HIE pilot program, you will help enable a health care network that better serves the needs of patients and allows pharmacists to play a more integral role in your health care and medication needs. Please consider filling out the form (attached below) and bring it in to Finksburg Pharmacy the next time you pick up your medications. Your pharmacist is the most accessible and knowledgeable provider about your medications. Help us, help you!